This site offers basic knowledge and unique insights for equine wellness in body, mind, and spirit. It leads us on a path toward a wholehearted life connected to all of nature: humans, horses, all beings and the planet.  Come join the party!

The information on these pages was gathered during twenty-five years of professional equine bodywork, and a lifetime of learning, sharing, healing, riding, and living with all kinds of horses. These horses, from many breeds, ages, disciplines and lifestyles, can help guide us into joyous health, right relationship, and common purpose for work, performance, trail riding, therapy, or companionship.

Looking for answers? 

You’ll find information you can use to support and expand what you’re already doing for your horse. Healing adventure stories to enjoy and learn from. Ways to pay attention to our relationships in a new world of connection and support for each other.

For some answers, see the pages below. Check back often for new posts, or subscribe to my blog, right.


One Horse’s Story

What does it take to heal?  The journey from “hopeless” to wellness.


Common Ground

Deepening relationship with horses and with all of nature. Feeling into our future: we’re all one herd.


Under the Skin

Making sense of equine anatomy and biomechanics.



Helping them find their way back to wholeness.


Holistic: What is It?

Understanding whole health and ways to get there, and support from our whole earth community of plants, animals, and people.


Barbara & Friends

Twenty-five years of equine bodywork, and a lifetime of learning, sharing, healing, riding, and living with all kinds of horses.

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Gratitude for Our Community

Lena Haug (www.lenahaugtraining.com) is a trainer and teacher who brings her intelligent, imaginative, graceful, and joyful presence to every horse she works with, especially captured Mustangs, connecting with them through a true understanding of their ways of being. See "Bella's Curves" and "What's Under the Skin?"

Please Note:

The information on this site is intended as general interest and not be used to diagnose or treat any condition.  If you have concerns about your horse’s health, it is wise to consult a licensed veterinarian.  

Each horse is unique, and appropriate treatment can vary. The stories on this site are descriptions of personal experience and may not be appropriate for other horses.